Introducing: The Drunk Tasting Menu

Choosing late-night snacks is an art form, and I like to think that I’m a connoisseur. Here’s what we created last Friday night. In order to prepare your palate for the menu below, I recommend drinking at least four of one (or all) of the following drinks:

Vodka Soda. Vodka Diet Juice. Bourbon on the rocks. Vodka That Energy Drink Austin Buys From Duane Reade. Vodka Water (House Drink).


Bodega Chicken Wings

Main Course:

Inside of Spicy Special Sandwich

Place inside of sandwich on potato chips

Drink pairing – Soco with a lot of water


White Chocolate flakes, delicately shaved off of the pretzels Julia bought from the Bodega

After Dinner:

Attempt to find a cigarette from Austin’s bag. Wake Austin up while you search his room for the cigarettes. Fail to find the cigarettes. Go to bed without removing eye makeup. Wake up and realize cigarettes were in your bag the entire time.

Menu Rating: 7

The chicken wings were the perfect mix of plainness and grease. Bodegas don’t put buffalo sauce on their wings, which saves the palate and allows for the consumption of other Bodega delicacies.

The inside of The Spicy Special on chips forms something like American nachos, but the Soco-Water drink is terrible. I don’t know what I was thinking here. 1.) No more drinks were needed. 2.) Soco is NOT firefly vodka, and doesn’t taste sweet. 3.) What is Soco anyway? Why do we even have Soco?

The chocolate peeled from the pretzels was actually not that bad, but I’d recommend actually finding that cigarette if at all possible.

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