Highlights of the Week

This has been one of those weeks. The type where you wake up Monday morning and you think “holy shit, this is going to be painful.” I don’t even understand how it’s not Friday night because I’m so over it.

That being said, I think it’s important to take a step back and think about the good moments of an otherwise worthless week:

1.) LinkedIn Join My Network Request granted! I met a very attractive man at a start-up mixer last week and as a result of complete and total flirtation failure on my part was left with the sole option of LinkedIn adding him. I’ve never done this before and given the fact that we’ve been ‘connected’ for days and haven’t communicated, I’ll probably never do it again.

2.) Getting offered drugs by someone my dad’s age at my neighborhood bar. I could try to explain this in detail, but that’s really it – a balding man, claiming to be 43, trying to impress me by saying he was dating the (ugly) young waitress but would rather talk to me, drunkenly slurring at me and offering me cocaine. At 8pm. On a Tuesday.

3.) Stumbling from one Gramercy Park bar to the next with one of my oldest friends and suffering from NO hangover the next day. When I got home I apparently laid out on the couch and bragged to my roommates about what a good employee I am.

4.) Finding The Best Thing Ever in my purse. One of the benefits of being a total slob is that things that find their way into my purse stay there like fixtures for months. So today I’m on the train and I happen to notice one of the ten business cards jammed into the front pocket of my purse. This business card is from Justice:

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