I’m at a low point. I’m in one of those periods I’ll look back on later and say “I’m glad THAT’S over.” I think a particularly difficult feeling to come to terms with is the realization that things haven’t lived up to your expectations. Whether it be in work, relationships or something as small as your takeout dinner sucking, seeing a dream disintegrate is tough. Ok maybe the takeout example is a little dramatic but I had some awful Pad Thai last weekend and it made everything that is bad feel much, much worse. In these cases I have a difficult time gaining perspective, especially while living in New York. I’ve only been in this city a year, but many days it feels as though I’ve lived my entire life on its streets. Currently I’m on a bus back from Boston, looking over a city that I once called home and remembering the lows. Walking past my old apartments reminded me of how I felt at 23; I graduated college at the bottom of an emotional abyss. I had to drag my hopeless, injured self home to Georgia to repair for over a year. It’s important to keep in mind that my lows now hardly compare to that time. I know getting past that period greatly affected where I am now. In a strange way, dashed hopes are a luxury because they reflect the opportunities I’ve had to dream. Oh, in case you were wondering, Hibben… I give the weekend a strong rating of Best Club Ever. ❤

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