Life (and hair) Lessons I’ve Learned Along The Way

Today is my 26th birthday. I don’t really have anything important or deep to say about it, except that every American who doesn’t have a birthday that falls on Thanksgiving is missing out because I get a double excuse to eat a HUGE amount of food today.

In the spirit of reflecting on my adult life, I’ve come up with a couple lessons I’ve learned each year. The lessons aren’t particularly interesting (or necessarily uplifting) so I’ve also included some lessons I’ve learned about my hair.

LIFE – No matter who you are or how nice you are, people will talk behind your back.

HAIR – Remove hood before photo-ops or you end up looking like you have Yeti hair.

LIFE – Developing crushes on gay men will do nothing to benefit your love life.

HAIR – Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you should dye your hair black. The gay men you have crushes on will tell you it looks good, but it doesn’t.

LIFE – The things that made you uncool in high school make you cool in real life.

HAIR – Straight across bangs make some people look hip. They make me look like a raptor.

LIFE – Every so often, if you stick with it, you can accomplish your dream.

HAIR – Don’t go to beauty schools to save on drastically changing the color of your hair. My dream of auburn hair was not realized; instead I was given the nightmare of having purple hair.

LIFE – Every so often, the dreams you’ve had change. Dealing with the change can be really hard.

HAIR – Dying your naturally dark brown hair platinum blonde is not the best way to cope with these changes.

LIFE – You can be so much weaker than you’ve ever imagined possible.

HAIR – Pixie cuts make some people look adorable. They make me look like an adorable 8-year-old boy.

LIFE – You can be so much stronger than you’ve ever imagined possible.

HAIR – Wigs. Wigs can be a better way to change your hair color when the crazy urge overcomes you.

LIFE – Be humble. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out life finds a way to make sure you know you don’t. Also, always knock on wood.

HAIR – This is one area where you can have it all figured out (knock on wood). Natural is always, always, always best.

I can’t really take credit for that last one, though… that was all Nina’s mom.

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