Business Ideas

Oh! The other thing I forgot to say about my date from last night. This is the guy who wanted to talk on the phone a few weeks ago. We did talk on the phone, which was less awkward than I’d imagined, but in talking he told me about how he wants to start his own company. I thought this was really interesting, so I asked him if he had any ideas:

R- “You know Skype? Well the other day someone wanted to Skype with me for business, but I didn’t want to like, Skype from my room. So I was thinking what if you could use a green screen background for all your calls. Like people interviewing and bands could use it.”

T- “So… like what iChat does?”

R- “Yeah, but that one sucks. I’d make a really good one.”

I figured Ryan was in the brainstorming process, and that once he started examining other start-ups and markets he’d find an idea with a slightly larger target market. One our date, he told me his more recent idea which does indeed have a bigger target market:

R- “My friend was telling me about this website that you use to make reservations to restaurants.”

T- “”

R- “Yeah! That’s it! So I was thinking… what if you could do that for everything? You know, like weekends out with friends or doctor’s appointments-“

T- “Have you heard of ZocDoc?”

R- “What is it called?”

“T- Zoc. Doc. The website that does that… they’re all over the news because they keep getting a ton of funding.”

Ryan looked at me like I was lying.

R- “…Well you could do that for everything.”

Even though I’m pretty sure Ryan thinks I made up ZocDoc, at least he’s coming up with business people would (and do!) use.

I’ve come up with a couple ideas for Ryan on his journey to starting a company. I think they’re pretty great.

The Home Store: They sell everything you need for home improvement!

InstaVintage: It’s an App! You take a photo on your smart phone and then make the photo look like it’s old, or black and white or something. Maybe there could be a social networking feature!

The Music TV Station: Everybody likes music! Why aren’t there any stations that play music? I have an expansion plan too! Get everyone hooked on music videos, then start breaking up the music videos with bad tv shows so people get hooked on those!

… I think they could be HUGE.

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