I didn’t die or decide to abandon my blog…

I just got a little caught up in the holidays, and being lazy and/or going out every night this week because everyone else doesn’t have to work. That being said, I felt super guilty when I looked at my stats on Sunday and realized that a lot of you STILL visited because I normally post updates to my Facebook on Sundays. Honestly, I’m so flattered that you’ve developed some sort of Pavlovian response to Sundays that make you check my blog to see if I’ve been on any online dates or gotten drunk at any good/bad bars over the weekend.

Because I don’t want you to forget about me in the new year, here’s a list of things you can look forward to: 

1.) More dates: Scheduling online dates is hard! Particularly when you’re not looking for someone to date. That being said, I devote at least two nights a week to talking to dudes and trying to arrange all these dates to write about. I have a lot more in the pipeline – and some of them are real weirdos. I’ve got a divorcee, a tea partier and a guy who’s either a psycho or my soulmate. Details to come.

2.) New Projects: Because the project thing has been so fun, I’ve come up with several new projects. I want to draw out the suspense, so I’m not going to tell you exactly what I’m planning, but let’s just say one of them involves me petitioning an alcohol company for money (or free alcohol.)

3.) Reasons to feel better about yourself: I pledge to write more posts about how I’m 90% incapable of running my own life. That means more posts about my issues with texting, why Facebook makes me anxious  and lists of the food I eat when drunk.

4.) Will work for reposts: The other day my friend Franklin reposted my blog on his Facebook page. Not only was I super flattered, a ton of people visited my blog! Props to Franklin for being awesome, but I need to incentivize you guys to be as awesome as Franklin.

So here’s the thing – if you repost the link to my blog on your Facebook, I will make you something using powerpoint on my work computer. If I know you, I’ll probably make my own version of what I think your Facebook profile says about you… if I don’t know you, you’ll need to tell me some things you like and I’ll make you a collage. I make really great collages.

Additionally, none of you have ever commented on my posts! Comment on them! There’s a big button underneath the date that says LEAVE A COMMENT, so leave one! I’ll answer any questions you ask me – even the really personal ones. You could be like ‘Tiffany, what is your deepest, darkest secret?’ and I’d either answer you or diffuse the question with humor. Either way, you’ll be entertained. I promise.

5.) Angela is still narcoleptic: Enough said.

Happy holidays and new year to all my readers. Tell you friends about (my blog and) the spicy special.

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