Terrorism on the C Line

New York's Mass Transit Safety campaign

I love a good If You See Something, Say Something joke. Ever since some guy used it as a justification for hollering at me on the street, I have a hard time not laughing when I see one of the updated campaigns.

Like this one!

It’s in Spanish, but whatevs, you get it.

It’s funny, right? I think they should go ahead and put evil demon faces on the bags. All the photos are taken from this ominous angle with the unsuspecting public slightly out of focus as if to convey that they’re just close enough to have stopped such a senseless act, but just far enough that they’re disconnected and they won’t catch it. They saw something and didn’t say something and now the bag of satan is going to destroy them.

On Sunday Austin and I are waiting on the C train and I have this heavyass gym bag with me. As a side note, never buy a gym bag at Duane Reade. Yes, it’s only $16 and it comes in a neat package that makes you feel like you’re some space efficient European with a bed that folds into the wall. It’s a mistake. There are certain things in life that should cost more than $16… something you use everyday to lug all your heavy shit around is one of them.

I digress… Austin and I alone on our edge of the platform and I drop the POS gym bag on the ground and run over to this subway poster:

To make fun of it, obviously.

The coolest show ever? I think you lie, Jimmy Fallon.

When we turn around, I realize that I’ve abandoned the gym bag, and that in its shittyness, the bag has take on the weirdest lumpy shape. While I never thought I’d see something that actually looked like the ads, my gym bag totally looked like a subway bomb.

The photo is a little blurry because I couldn’t stop laughing at my bag. This laughter continued on the train, when we realized we were ACTUALLY on one covered in the MTA ads. I took another picture of my bag and the Spanish advisory and as I’m doing so the conductor says “Ladies and Gentleman. Don’t forget. If you see something, say something.” Austin and I died. It was the most fun I’ve ever had on the C line.

I couldn't help myself.

2 thoughts on “Terrorism on the C Line

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