So thin

Tomorrow is Austin’s birthday, so I decided to make him a post. There are a lot of things I could mention when talking about my bodyguard, best friend and fellow Shorter College survivor… but there’s really one thing that sticks out about Austin.

He’s so fucking thin. 

How thin, you ask?

Austin is so thin… 

He’s the reason people started calling Kate Upton fat.

Austin is so thin…

iPhone manufacturers use a photo of him for quality control. Yes, this does contribute to employee depression rates at Foxconn facilities.

Austin is so thin…

Givenchy is creating a size smaller than extra small.

Austin is so thin… this conversation happens all the time: 

I, too, was confused at first.

Austin is so thin…

He’s the reason Lilo can’t quit.

Austin is so thin… 

Science named an eating disorder after him.

And, finally, AUSTIN IS SO THIN… 

Everybody forgot about Miles.

Peace, love and Austin, you look SO THIN today, 


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