Since I made my resolution to post every Tuesday and Thursday earlier this year I have stuck with it. Unfortunately, this week I am in the midst of lots of other (exciting, I promise) writing things and I have used up all of posts I had in queue. SO, this week I am taking a blog hiatus. If you’re new to my blog, take a look around! I have tons and tons of old posts for you to read that I promise are way better than anything I could come up with today because my brain is totally fried.

Here are some of my favorite posts from the archives –

Crash dieting 101: In case you need some tips on getting ready for bathing suit season.

Let’s start a movement: In honor of whatever reason people keep posting the equal rights sign on Facebook, this is a post on why I’m anti-straight and pro-gay marriage.

Weekend anxieties: On why I should really never login to Facebook on a Sunday.

The lost texts: On my drunk texting problem, which, now that I’m in a relationship has become a drunk texting my parents / long lost friends problem. I’m not sure which is worse.

Peace, love and see you next week, 


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