Maybe It’s Because I Need to Install My AC

I really can’t handle the Internet today. The past couple of days I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, for really no particular reason and my brain can’t really come up with anything exciting to say. Also I fell off my bike and got a gnarly knee scrape on Friday so I’ve been spending most of my free time bending/unbending my knee, Googling things like “IF I HAVE STAPH INFECTION HOW DO I KNOW? MY KNEE ISN’T RED,” and I think I’m making it hurt more by walking weird to overcompensate for the injury.

SO, in lieu of writing things, here are some links I think are important. I am mostly stealing things from other blogs:

The second coming of Allie – Allie’s blog, Hyperbole and a Half, is totally awesome/ Internet famous and she’s been gone for about a year. In her newest post she explained why. The Internet is so glad to have you back, Allie.

Turn things into cats – Hibben sent me this from the The Blogess. Click the link to make things cats.

Stephanie Georgopulos’ TC Favorites – I had the amazing experience of working with Stephanie when she edited my eBook, but long before that I was an avid reader of hers on Thought Catalog. I’m pretty sure Bring Your Hangover to Work Day was the piece that made me realize I needed to read Thought Catalog every. day. Now she’s moving on to Gawker, and she posted this collection on her Tumblr. I love every part of it.

Kanye hits head on sign, freaks out – Oh Kanye, I will never tire of your antics. Kisses.

There’s a new Vampire Weekend album out – It’s super rare than a band produces three great albums in a row. VW did it. They are so great. Get their album here.

Peace, love and why is my knee making that clicking sound?


3 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Because I Need to Install My AC


  2. cobain says:

    How did you choose your book cover picture? that would be an interesting blog entry (to me anyway).

    • Hey! So it’s sadly not the most interesting story. My fabulous publisher (Thought Catalog) picked out the cover photo, I believe from a stock photo site. My editor emailed to ask if the photo was ok and said that she’d keep looking since I’m a brunette. I loved it, and told her it was perfect because I’ve always wanted to be a blonde anyway. I tried once in college but it wasn’t the best look for me. Sigh.

      Coming up with the title was a little more fun, because I was emailing with my roommates (the ones mentioned in the book) to try and come up with a title. We had a bunch of really long plays on the names of the sites, like “how to find your match or someone who’s just ok(cupid),” but luckily TC had a better idea. Stephanie, my editor, emailed saying that they were throwing around ideas and “Slutting my way through 14 dating sites” was their favorite option, but that she didn’t think ‘slutting’ was an accurate description. I immediately thought “drinking is WAY more accurate,” sent that to her and we all agreed.

      I was honestly so excited when they sent me the title+cover art that I screenshotted the email and kept it on my phone. At that point I hadn’t even written the parts that pulled all the original posts together, so every time I’d freak out and start crying during my writing process (about every 2 hours), I would look at the cover and remind myself to A.) enjoy and B.) not take myself too seriously because I was writing a(n e)Book about drinking.

      Thanks for the question!


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