Title Fails

Sometimes stress and being super busy leads me to have great ideas for blog posts. This month, that hasn’t been the case. I STILL can’t think of any longer posts to write, but I promise it’s not for lack of trying. When I was in college, one of our songwriting exercises was to come up with titles in order to inspire lyrics when we were facing a block. We’d look at the newspaper and come up with a title and I remember that basically all of mine sucked. I’ve been trying to do that for blog posts and the outcome is similar.

Here are some titles for tentative blog posts I’ve come up with in the past week or so. I’m not sure if any of these would be entertaining, but at the very least they’re an indication of the combination of stressy, boring and food-obsessed (cure for stress) they are.

  • All of the Ways You Can Take the Wrong Train Uptown on a Holiday Weekend
  • The Effectiveness of TGIFriday’s ads when projected on large screens
  • Being Broke Seems Like a Perfect Excuse to Try The Master Cleanse (But How Expensive is Cayenne Pepper?)
  • The Pluses and Minuses of Leaving Facebook Chat Active
  • The Bed Bugs are Gone, But I’m Still Itchy
  • Things I Would Do to a Chocolate Lasagna (That May or May Not be Illegal in Several States)
  • Things the Internet Doesn’t Tell You About Knee Injuries (alternate title: Things the Internet Does Tell You About Knee Injuries That Will Keep You Up All Night)
  • A Run Down of My Recent Nightmares: From Broken Roller Coaster Tracks as Roads to Something Involving Git Hub That Made Git Hub Seem More Like Facebook and That Doesn’t Seem Right
  • Does Halal Meat Contain Gelatin? (And Other Food Truck Related Questions)

What do you guys do for “writer’s block”? Asking for a friend…

Peace, love and phantom itches, 


2 thoughts on “Title Fails

  1. Carfour says:

    Hi Tiffany-

    I’m reading your book Drinking My Way Through 14 Dating Websites. Enjoying it. Would love to know how you got it to be a Kindle Single. I’ve also a book on online dating (though for middle aged women) Don’t be discouraged. It even happens after 60! Yikes.
    Best of luck in all your writing,
    Carol Ann

    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks so much! I really lucked out in the process, in that I’d already written most of the book as a series of posts on this blog and was then contacted by Thought Catalog to put it together as a book. The fact that a few of their other releases we’re already Singles is probably the reason I got picked up by the Singles program, but another thing that was helpful was that I promoted it immediately on my blog and a lot of my readers were wonderful enough to purchase it right away and rate it highly on Amazon. This allowed me to have pretty good sales in my first week, which didn’t hurt.

      What’s the name of your book? I’d love to check it out.

      Best of luck to you to and thanks again for the note!

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