Stuff I Hate More Than Will.I.Am

1. The fact that his newest album is named #willpower.

Honorable mentions –

  1. War
  2. Holding my jacket in bars

I dunno guys, I get SO angry every time that I think about Will.I.Am. Even the spelling of his name makes me all rage-blackout-y.

Anyway, this title was just a clever ruse to get you to pay attention for a minute. School has taken over my life (in a super good I like learning and life seems to have meaning kind of way), but for the interim I won’t be blogging that much. When school is over I promise to come back in full force (and hopefully with lots of computer skillz to make things even more fun. I’m imagining 90s gifs that steal credit card numbers or virtual puppy hugging sessions).

Meanwhile, please excuse my twitter being taken over by stuff about programming and if for some reason you have any interest in that type of stuff, you can read my school blog here. I still don’t really know what’s going on with even the basics of programming, so you’re not allowed to judge my mistakes, etc. K???


Peace, love and lovelovelovelovelove(unless you’re Will.I.HATEYOU), 



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