About my book –

A few years ago, I was totally underwhelmed with my life. I spent most of my evenings crying over my ex and attempting to numb the pain with an overconsumption of sandwiches. After a few months of feeling sorry for myself, I decided it was time to snap out of it by signing up for every online dating site I could find (14 to be exact). I used my this blog to document the dates. Behind the scenes I was reconnecting with my ex and experiencing some major soul searching, but above all else I was getting drunk with strangers.

While I totally recommend reading it sober, it also makes for a bomb-ass drinking game. How is it a bomb-ass drinking game, you ask?


Every time I mention a form of transportation: Take a sip

Every time I think about something deep while en route: Take a shot

Every time I mention Austin: Take a shot

You see the words, “Spicy Special”?: Take a fucking shot. It’s the best sandwich ever, and if you’ve never had it you are formally invited to my apartment in Morningside Heights so that I can buy you one.

Every time I mention my job: Finish your drink, because I was working in Customer Service at the time.

Whenever I mention my guinea pigs: Shots! Shots! Shots! Shotsshotsshots! (So that’s like, two shots. Of limoncello, because I’m not a sadist or anything). Yes, shit gets real in this game. Feel free to substitute with whatever you have hanging out in your fridge. Beer and siracha anyone?

When you get to the part about the first time I had a kiss forced upon me and the subsequent times too: WATERFALL. YOU WILL NEED IT.

If you like reading things, or if you like drinking things — this ebook is for you! If you like reading things and drinking things, it would be like, blasphemy (or at least really irresponsible) to not purchase it.

If you want to read some excerpts or any of the stuff that didn’t make it into the book, check out the Online Dating Project tab of this blog.

Peace, love and online dating, 


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