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East Village Tavern

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile – bar/club ratings. I know these are everywhere, but I feel like the things that make a night out good or bad aren’t usually the things you can find in a New York Magazine review. I want to know how long the line for the bathroom is going to be or how many times I’m going to have to suffer through a Black Eyed Peas song over the course of the evening.

Last night we went to a birthday party at East Village Tavern.

For my rating system, every place starts with 50 points and then I add/subtract based on my highly scientific criteria. In the end, I’m basically going to just tell you if it was awesome or if it sucked.

Here we go –

Cheap Drinks: +5

Strong Drinks: +10

Group of People at the front who were IMPOSSIBLE to get through: -4

Playing Remix to Ignition: +5

This super downer memorial Sharpie graffiti in the bathroom: -10

This Devil Mural right next to the memorial: +25

Neighbors are important, too. This park next door: +10

Really, Really fun dancing: +15

Even though they played All I Want For Christmas (Is You) one time too many: -2

East Village Tavern, Total Score: 104 points

Definitely the Best Club Ever


No really, we danced SO much

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