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The Online Dating Project: An Introduction

A year ago today I met my (now) ex-boyfriend. I’m aware that admitting my keeping track of dates no longer relevant showcases my inner crazy… but I’m a sentimental person. I’d just moved to the city and during the year of unemployment leading up to the move I’d perfected the art of serial dating. I moved blissfully from fling to fling, leaving each one only to fall immediately into the arms of someone else. None of them were particularly meaningful, but they all had their moments and I felt as if for once in my young adult life I was doing what I should be doing.
Upon reaching New York, I felt prepared for the big leagues – internet dating. I’d done such a good job of dating one person at a time, I was surely ready to date multiple people all at the same time. I had no intention of finding any meaning by setting up a Match.com profile, but was thrilled to embark on what I referred to as a ‘social experiment.’

On online date number two, I met the ex-boyfriend. I fell crazy person in love.

And then one day, as with so many of the things we love dearly in life, it ended as quickly as it began. My social experiment turned first adult love ended and I became That Girl Who Cries on the subway/ street/ in cabs/ in the bathroom at work/ at the sight of a happy couple/ at the sight of a fighting couple/ while eating sandwiches late at night/ and really about every night. You name a place in Manhattan, I’ve probably cried there. You’ve probably seen me crying there, and thought ‘why is that girl crying while watching those Central Park breakdancers?’

I decided awhile ago that I can do several things on this not very important day. I can mope, or I can turn gut-wrenching nostalgia into a fun internet project(!). I’m going to do both, but most important is my resolution to go back to square one – I want my social experiment experience, goddammit! In post-break-up retaliation I spent a few brief moments on OkCupid and the result was enough bizarre situations to make me wonder about the differences of each dating site.

Here’s the project: To try every dating site I can find and to rate them. I’m looking for the Best and Worst of online dating, and while I know this means I’m going to have to finally read Atlas Shrugged so I can try this site, I think I’m up for the challenge.

Tonight I’m celebrating the one year anniversary of meeting my own personal kryptonite in human male form by walking to the KFC where we met, drinking bourbon out of my flask, listening to “Beamer, Benz or Bentley,” and crying – because I’m a romantic like that. Tomorrow night, I’m reactivating my Match.com profile. Details to come.

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